Plug the Holes in Your SEO Strategy with a Manual SEO Audit

Your website is a hull of ship and your site backlinks is the wind in your sail. You need both to operate the ship and to reach your final destination – 1st position in Google. To get to your final goal, you need to have a search engine optimized site and a strong backlink strategy. That’s why a manual SEO audit is important to identify any potential issues your site may have in the search engines. Investing in a SEO audit and to fix your site is the first step to improve your organic rankings.

Our SEO Audit Process

We don’t provide just a cookie-cutter audit report based largely on automated software. We analyze your site in detail and identify site’s strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to search engine optimization. Here are some things our experts will look at when working on your site audit:

  • Keyword Strategy
  • On Page SEO Factors & detailed suggestions
  • Site Architecture
  • Issues with site codes
  • Site Content Quality
  • Search Engine Crawl Issues
  • Internal & External Linking Strategy
  • Site Metrics
  • Blog Optimisation (if applicable)
  • And much more…

Don’t be surprised with our lengthy SEO Audit report. It’s usually over 20 pages and is the most detailed manual SEO audit available. We keep our SEO Audit process updated with Google latest algorithm updates and analyze all the points which matter with Google and other search engines. Let us show you how to maximize the value of the traffic you get from search engines. After the SEO audit, if you have any questions our expert staff will be more than happy to help you.

Invest in SEO Audit for Profitable ROI

Before you even start investing in any SEO marketing strategy, you need to ensure that your website is in line with search engine (especially Google) guidelines. If search engine bots can’t understand your website, no SEO strategy & marketing budget will be able to provide you desired results. On top of that, if it’s not within the guidelines, your site may be penalized sooner or later. Think about the harm your brand will face, if your site gets removed from Google or other search engines because of the site issues.

Our SEO audit ensure that you have a strong base for the future SEO marketing efforts, maximize your ROI and get higher search rankings. You can even get a site audit done after a site redesign or before launching a new site. This is the first thing you should invest money in for your business online presence. We provide 100% custom SEO audit for your site that will help you to fix all errors and get your site in line with the Google and other search engine guidelines. A lot of our past clients, have seen improvement in their natural rankings after fixing issues mentioned in our SEO audit report. Our specialists will analyze your site in detail and will provide you an overall scorecard and a detailed report to help you to fix issues with your site.  Investing in our SEO audit campaign will provide you a profitable ROI without any doubt.

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